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Spinning wheel

Accession Number: 1991.178.16

Collection: Tools and Machinery - Craft

Object: Spinning wheel

Common Name: Great wheel

Maker/Author: Unknown (Maker)

Place Made: USA

Date Made: Late 19th-early 20th centuries

Spinning wheel; horizontal, spindle. Rectangular table rests on four legs. Wheel post fits into the table. Drive wheel has eight spokes, and a flat rim constructed in one piece. The drive wheel axle fits into the wheel post, secured by a in pin in front. The spindle post is set into the table. A wooden block on top of the spindle post has two brass supports that hold the spindle with a 1 inch diameter whorl. On a wooden block attached two-thirds down on the post is a metal double pulley, one side is 1 inch in diameter the other is two inches in diameter. It is designed so the drive band from the drive wheel goes around the 1-inch pulley, and another cord goes from the 2-inch pulley to the whorl on the spindle. (This is the same principle as the accelerating head but a different configuration.) Score marks on posts.

Spinning-wheel; Spinning--Hand--Spinning wheel, spindle

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